Let’s face it, we all need an occassional upcycle! Albeit a freshly stained deck, a reupholstered footstool or even a new hairstyle! All things show wear and tear over time but we can’t (or won’t!) throw them out. This little drum table was quite the special piece in its day but as the years passed it has found some stains and scratches that have now made it dispensable!


This type of furniture is highly versatile, it fits nicely next to a sofa used as an end table, it can be centered between two occassional chairs or even used as an entry or bedside table. At Consign and Design we love furniture that can travel around a house! This drum table is undergoing a transformation at C&D and is getting a fresh new makeover that will make it the perfect piece that you will want to hold onto for years; it will always find a home no matter where you live in any room. Imagine it holding a beautiful geranium in your sunroom, a handsome lamp for reading by in your family room or supporting a small accent lamp in your hallway so your guests don’t trip in the night!

Purchasing unique and versatile pieces make your dollars go further over time…upcycling these pieces gives them new life and renewed purpose which makes even more “cents!” My daughter is nearing the finish….what do you think? It will be for sale at Consign and Design Tuesday June 9th!