I don’t care for rooms where every item is expensive and on trend. I like to mix it up and that way your eyes bounce around to all there is to take in and don’t glaze over. If you decorate with the unexpected it allows visitors to enjoy the space with fresh eyes each time they visit. The unexpected allows for whimsy and fun and definately isn’t intentional or boring! In this photo you see an old secretary from the 1920’s with a face lift…she’s brighter and just as functional as before. The photo below shows the secretary in the room and decorated for Christmas, it’s a pleasant surprise indeed!

When designing a space with the “unexpected” you need to be careful that it doesn’t end up resembling chaos rather than fresh! Find the balance between a “design snob” and chaos and you just might find your style!

What exactly is a design snob you ask? Well, in my humble opinion it’s someone who refuses to frame the kid’s art, who has a room that no one uses, they discard items the minute they’re out of style according to the fashion police and they’re afraid to decorate out of the norm for fear of not being accepted by their peers! Design snobs will not mix the high with the low as we do at Consign and Design, nor will he/she update an old lamp with a new shade.

How do you know if you’re NOT a design snob? You keep grandma’s quilt on the foot of the bed because it reminds you of warm cookies and milk, you let the cat sleep on the pendleton blanket and you never throw all the old out and bring all new items in, instead, you mix the old and the new and find a balance between those special momentos you’ll always cherish alongside the new trends we all love. You’re not a design snob if you know the rules and aren’t afraid to break them…on occassion…without creating chaos. Here’s the secretary at Christmas time and here’s wishing you a very Merry Christmas from all of us at Consign and Design!