For as long as I can remember my favorite color has been BLUE! I am inspired by the majestic blue of the Grand Tetons sprayed with snow, the blue skies of Santa Fe and the steel blue of the Pacific ocean, three of my favorite places! Recently I painted the interior of our home Light Silver Sage from Restoration Hardware, although it’s been out for years, the color is becoming more popular in Colorado where traditionally builders prefer the “safe” color of what we fondly refer to as “builder beige.”

When it comes to interior design I am inspired by nature. I’ve attached photos of the three different blues I mentioned above, however, you may be inspired by green meadows sprinkled with wildflowers or tropical rain forests! Painting our main floor this light blue/grey color was a risk but now that it’s done it was worth taking. First off, the home looks much larger, artwork pops and/or takes on a different look. Furniture and textiles feel brighter and shine with deeper hues against this light cooler color as compared to the beige walls we lived with for over a decade.

Slight color variations will add depth to a room; I’ve never believed colors need to be perfectly matched, just look outside…nature is filled with examples of different shades of every color and it all fits beautifully together! You can play it SAFE and stick with the paint colors builders have chosen in our region for years, or, you can be inspired by your favorite color, a recent vacation or photo in a magazine. Start with one wall or one room and live with it for a couple months. We painted the kitchen first, this gave me the opportunity to see the color in different light. End result? I felt uplifted by the bright cool color! Granted, depending on the time of day or night the color appears more grey or more blue, but, bottom line it’s different, it’s vibrant and everything looks new against it. Here are photos that inspired me, pick yours and take a risk, have some fun, paint is a cost effective way to achieve change in interior design.

Whether you live on the coast and are drawn to ocean blues or you live in the rockies and enjoy the snow-capped mountains, we are soothed by the colors of our favorite places! At Consign and Design we know the benefits of being surrounded by your favorite colors, it’s simply uplifting in every way! You can achieve this with paint, textiles, photographs and more. We all have those “go to” colors that are safe when we decorate our homes, take a risk and LET NATURE INSPIRE YOU!

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