One of the most frustrating things for all of us is spending money on the wrong thing and then regretting it later. This is especially true when it comes to costly items for our home. At Consign and Design we are all about mixing the high end with the low end, however, it is important to remember these tips to make sure you get it right (the first time!).

First, don’t skimp on the big stuff like upholstery, drapery, tile, flooring; essentially the things that will be with you a long time. These items should be of the highest quality you can afford.

Second, the accessories, your collectibles and your seasonal items are where you can have some fun and spend as little or as much as you desire. These decorative items may be trendy and you may not be as fond of them in 2 to 3 years so don’t overspend in this area. However, it is these items that give your home personality and character! It’s with these items we can tell our story with, remind ourselves of memorable vacations or former homes. It is the collectibles that make our homes feel special and not “decorated” by a professional.

At Consign and Design we provide in home remixes where our staff can assist you in displaying your special things that tell your story alongside accessories and decor that help your home to look updated and attractive. Our remixes are $150.00 per hour for two staff. We work fast and have fun! Stop in introduce yourself and let us help you!

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