Don’t let your style get lost in your clutter! Keeping things organized not only helps you and your family to live more easily and hassle free, it also allows your interior design style shine! What’s the point of having the new furniture piece when it’s covered with backpacks, yesterday’s laundry or newspaper.

Start by de-cluttering and deciding what can go and what can’t. It’s just like your closet, if you haven’t worn it in a year that’s an indicator it’s time to let it go. Likewise, if you haven’t admired it, used it or sat in it for a year than let it go! Another great way to declutter is to eliminate all the small photos and frames and combine them in one picture frame on the wall. That’s a quick way to get six frames off the shelf or sideboard and displayed together neatly in one frame.

When decluttering bookcases start by eliminating the paperbacks, we recommend taking the booksleeves off of the hardcover books and let the texture of the nice book get the attention. Baskets are an additional solution to organize your clutter and let your design style take center stage. Purchase a collection of baskets that are similar and store smaller items, remotes, CD’s, etc. in the baskets. Remember to measure the depth and height of your bookshelves so the baskets will look to be a custom fit.

Lastly, the most efficient way to start the declutter process is to take stock of all your favorites. If an accessory doesn’t land in the “fav” pile consider moving it to a downstairs room or giving it away. We believe you will discover that as you peel away the layers of those pesky dust collectors (artificial plants for example) you will allow the new purchases and your design style to shine!

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