When we design our homes in a way that gives each space the opportunity to breath…we will breath easier! At Consign and Design we come alongside sellers and realtors to declutter and show off their property’s best features. On many occasions the seller is happier with the de-cluttered, renewed and refreshed space. It’s not uncommon that we hear, “Why didn’t we always live like this? It’s so spacious and inviting!”

There’s something about space that makes us relax. Albeit, there are those cozy corners where we want to escape and curl up on a snowy or rainy day, yet, more often it’s the spacious environment where things you love can be shown off and put on display for the simple purpose that the piece is beautiful! If the space is too cluttered and overwhelmed with furniture and accessories that beautiful piece can be lost in the room!

There’s a balance between minimalism and coziness (or spacious and cluttered), find what works for you and make simple changes to enhance your home.

Follow these simple steps:

1) Start by eliminating the pieces that do not have function or lack beauty or appeal for you. If it’s unattractive and doesn’t serve a purpose what’s the point of keeping it around? Donate it or sell it, after all, your discard may be someone else’s treasure.

2) Upcycle it! Here at Consign and Design we like to repurpose furniture by reupholstering it or painting it. Think out of the box; that chest you used to keep the children’s toys in may look beautiful at the foot of your bed where it doesn’t take up precious “real estate” and it will make the room it was in look more spacious.

3) Use glass! Glass tables and glass decor are airy and definitely help a room breath! Consider cutting the wood panel out of the cabinet door of your old armoire or even your kitchen cabinets and replace it with glass. Local glass companies do this for very little cost and the new look can transform an old piece (or old kitchen cabinets).

4) Move it outdoors! Have an old wood end table or coffee table you’re not crazy about anymore? Paint it, stain it, distress it, whatever you desire and move it outdoors to your patio area. Who cares if it gets a little weathered over time…it wasn’t being utilized and loved indoors anyway. Besides, you’ll be saving it from a landfill and you’ll give your outdoor room a more finished look.

We hope these tips inspire you to renew and refresh your home in a way that helps you BREATH and relax! Stop into Consign and Design for more ideas, design tips and inspiration!

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