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Don't let your style get lost in your clutter!

Keeping things organized not only helps you and your family to live more easily and hassle free, it also allows your interior design style shine! What’s the point of having the new furniture piece when it’s covered with backpacks, yesterday’s laundry or newspaper.

Start by de-cluttering and deciding what can go and what can’t. It’s just like your closet, if you haven’t worn it in a year that’s an indicator it’s time to let it go. Likewise, if you haven’t admired it, used it or sat in it for a year than let it go! Another great way to declutter is to eliminate all the small photos and frames and combine them in one picture frame on the wall. That’s a quick way to get six frames off the shelf or sideboard and displayed together neatly in one frame.

When decluttering bookcases start by eliminating the paperbacks, we recommend taking the book sleeves off of the hardcover book sand let the texture of the nice book get the attention. Baskets are an additional solution to organize your clutter and let your design style take center stage. Purchase a collection of baskets that are similar and store smaller items, remotes,CD’s, etc. in the baskets. Remember to measure the depth and height of your book shelves so the baskets will look to be a custom fit.

Lastly, the most efficient way to start the declutter process is to take stock of all your favorites. If an accessory doesn’t land in the “fav” pile consider moving it to a downstairs room or giving it away. We believe you will discover that as you peel away the layers of those pesky dust collectors (artificial plants for example) you will allow the new purchases and your design style to shine!

Stop into Consign and Design for more design tips,Happy 4th!

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Take a look inside…

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The unexpected can be fun!


I don’t care for rooms where every item is expensive and on trend. I like to mix it up and that way your eyes bounce around to all there is to take in and don’t glaze over. If you decorate with the unexpected it allows visitors to enjoy the space with fresh eyes each time they visit. The unexpected allows for whimsy and fun and definitely isn’t intentional or boring! In this photo you see an old secretary from the 1920’s with a face lift…she’s brighter and just as functional as before. The photo below shows the secretary in the room and decorated for Christmas, it’s a pleasant surprise indeed!

When designing a space with the “unexpected” you need to be careful that it doesn’t end up resembling chaos rather than fresh! Find the balance between a “design snob” and chaos and you just might find your style!

What exactly is a design snob you ask? Well, in my humble opinion it’s someone who refuses to frame the kid’s art, who has a room that no one uses, they discard items the minute they’re out of style according to the fashion police and they’re afraid to decorate out of the norm for fear of not being accepted by their peers! Design snobs will not mix the high with the low as we do at Consign and Design, nor will he/she update an old lamp with a new shade.

How do you know if you’re NOT a design snob? You keep grandma’s quilt on the foot of the bed because it reminds you of warm cookies and milk, you let the cat sleep on the pendleton blanket and you never throw all the old out and bring all new items in, instead, you mix the old and the new and find a balance between those special momentos you’ll always cherish alongside the new trends we all love. You’re not a design snob if you know the rules and aren’t afraid to break them…on occasion…without creating chaos. Here’s the secretary at Christmas time and here’s wishing you a very Merry Christmas from all of us at Consign and Design!

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Entertain with care and elegance!

I recently was invited to a wonderful Sunday evening dinner party. The host and hostess went out of their way to make us feel special…and at home! Entertaining can be done anywhere, in your home, a picnic in the park, even tailgating and it can be done simply or over-the-top! This particular October evening the table was set to perfection, it included a 5′ fall candlelight centerpiece, fall place settings and table name tags pinned to fresh pears.

Image result for table settings

While the table was formal the meal was hearty and traditional with ribs, creamy potatoes and apple crisp a-la-mode; mom’s comfort food topped off with great company equaled a special evening indeed! The menu was delicious but just as important was the thoughtfulness put into the evening by the host and hostess. This is the season to let your family and friends know they’re special! Entertaining is a wonderful way to say so! Stop into Consign and Design on Garden of the Gods Road and see some of the beautiful accessories we have that can be made into a centerpiece for your special occasion. See you soon!

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Upcycle a damaged piece!

Let’s face it, we all need an occasional upcycle! Albeit a freshly stained deck, a reupholstered footstool or even a new hairstyle! All things show wear and tear over time but we can’t (or won’t!) throw them out. This little drum table was quite the special piece in its day but as the years passed it has found some stains and scratches that have now made it dispensable!

This type of furniture is highly versatile, it fits nicely next to a sofa used as an end table, it can be centered between two occasional chairs or even used as an entry or bedside table. At Consign and Design we love furniture that can travel around a house! This drum table is undergoing a transformation at C&D and is getting a fresh new makeover that will make it the perfect piece that you will want to hold onto for years; it will always find a home no matter where you live in any room. Imagine it holding a beautiful geranium in your sunroom, a handsome lamp for reading by in your family room or supporting a small accent lamp in your hallway so your guests don’t trip in the night!

Purchasing unique and versatile pieces make your dollars go further over time…upcycling these pieces gives them new life and renewed purpose which makes even more “cents!” My daughter is nearing the finish….what do you think? It will be for sale at Consign and Design Tuesday June 9th!

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Let Nature Inspire You!

For as long as I can remember my favorite color has been BLUE! I am inspired by the majestic blue of the Grand Tetons sprayed with snow, the blue skies of Santa Fe and the steel blue of the Pacific ocean, three of my favorite places! Recently I painted the interior of our home Light Silver Sage from Restoration Hardware, although it’s been out for years, the color is becoming more popular in Colorado where traditionally builders prefer the “safe” color of what we fondly refer to as “builder beige.”

When it comes to interior design I am inspired by nature. I’ve attached photos of the three different blues I mentioned above, however, you may be inspired by green meadows sprinkled with wildflowers or tropical rain forests! Painting our main floor this light blue/grey color was a risk but now that it’s done it was worth taking. First off, the home looks much larger, artwork pops and/or takes on a different look. Furniture and textiles feel brighter and shine with deeper hues against this light cooler color as compared to the beige walls we lived with for over a decade.

Slight color variations will add depth to a room; I’ve never believed colors need to be perfectly matched, just look outside…nature is filled with examples of different shades of every color and it all fits beautifully together! You can play it SAFE and stick with the paint colors builders have chosen in our region for years, or, you can be inspired by your favorite color, a recent vacation or photo in a magazine. Start with one wall or one room and live with it for a couple months. We painted the kitchen first, this gave me the opportunity to see the color in different light. End result? I felt uplifted by the bright cool color! Granted, depending on the time of day or night the color appears more grey or more blue, but, bottom line it’s different, it’s vibrant and everything looks new against it. Here are photos that inspired me, pick yours and take a risk, have some fun, paint is a cost effective way to achieve change in interior design.

Whether you live on the coast and are drawn to ocean blues or you live in the rockies and enjoy the snow-capped mountains, we are soothed by the colors of our favorite places! At Consign and Design we know the benefits of being surrounded by your favorite colors, it’s simply uplifting in every way! You can achieve this with paint, textiles, photographs and more. We all have those “go to” colors that are safe when we decorate our homes, take a risk and LET NATURE INSPIRE YOU!

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Does your home help you breath easier?

When we design our homes in a way that gives each space the opportunity to breath…we will breath easier! At Consign and Design we come alongside sellers and realtors to declutter and show off their property’s best features. On many occasions the seller is happier with the de-cluttered, renewed and refreshed space. It’s not uncommon that we hear, “Why didn’t we always live like this? It’s so spacious and inviting!”

There’s something about space that makes us relax. Albeit, there are those cozy corners where we want to escape and curl up on a snowy or rainy day, yet, more often it’s the spacious environment where things you love can be shown off and put on display for the simple purpose that the piece is beautiful! If the space is too cluttered and overwhelmed with furniture and accessories that beautiful piece can be lost in the room!

There’s a balance between minimalism and coziness (or spacious and cluttered), find what works for you and make simple changes to enhance your home.

Follow these simple steps:

1) Start by eliminating the pieces that do not have function or lack beauty or appeal for you. If it’s unattractive and doesn’t serve a purpose what’s the point of keeping it around? Donate it or sell it, after all, your discard may be someone else’s treasure.

2) Upcycle it! Here at Consign and Design we like to repurpose furniture by reupholstering it or painting it. Think out of the box; that chest you used to keep the children’s toys in may look beautiful at the foot of your bed where it doesn’t take up precious “real estate” and it will make the room it was in look more spacious.

3) Use glass! Glass tables and glass decor are airy and definitely help a room breath! Consider cutting the wood panel out of the cabinet door of your old armoire or even your kitchen cabinets and replace it with glass. Local glass companies do this for very little cost and the new look can transform an old piece (or old kitchen cabinets).

4) Move it outdoors! Have an old wood end table or coffee table you’re not crazy about anymore? Paint it, stain it, distress it, whatever you desire and move it outdoors to your patio area. Who cares if it gets a little weathered over time…it wasn’t being utilized and loved indoors anyway. Besides, you’ll be saving it from a landfill and you’ll give your outdoor room a more finished look.

We hope these tips inspire you to renew and refresh your home in a way that helps you BREATH and relax! Stop into Consign and Design for more ideas, design tips and inspiration!

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Engage all your senses!

This Holiday season engage all your senses when decorating your home! This is the time to be hospitable, create traditions and express yourself. With lighting, cooking, playing holiday tunes and decorating with your special collectibles Christmas becomes a time of personalization. When you put your personal touch on your home for the season your are making impressions and creating memories for years to come. This is the time to express yourself with interior design, baking, singing carols, and much much more. We want to wish all of our patrons and over 400 facebook friends a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS!

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Don’t spend on the wrong things!

One of the most frustrating things for all of us is spending money on the wrong thing and then regretting it later. This is especially true when it comes to costly items for our home. At Consign and Design we are all about mixing the high end with the low end, however, it is important to remember these tips to make sure you get it right (the first time!).

First, don’t skimp on the big stuff like upholstery, drapery, tile, flooring; essentially the things that will be with you a long time. These items should be of the highest quality you can afford.

Second, the accessories, your collectibles and your seasonal items are where you can have some fun and spend as little or as much as you desire. These decorative items may be trendy and you may not be as fond of them in 2 to 3 years so don’t overspend in this area. However, it is these items that give your home personality and character! It’s with these items we can tell our story with, remind ourselves of memorable vacations or former homes. It is the collectibles that make our homes feel special and not “decorated” by a professional.

At Consign and Design we provide in home remixes where our staff can assist you in displaying your special things that tell your story alongside accessories and decor that help your home to look updated and attractive. Our remixes are $150.00 per hour for two staff. We work fast and have fun! Stop in introduce yourself and let us help you!

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It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

We are getting ready for the holidays at Consign and Design! Just like last year, we want to consign YOUR Christmas accessories so crawl into your attic, clean out your garage and bring some of your JOY and goodies to C&D for consignment! This is a wonderful way for us to bless those who lost their homes in recent fires in the Pikes Peak region. We price Christmas items for quick sales! We love ornaments, trees, poinsettias, garland, nutcrackers, dishware…you name it we love to decorate with Christmas and sell Christmas!

This is the time of year to bring out the holiday decor. Fall decorations for Thanksgiving and beautiful Christmas pillows and red throws for the Christmas season. Make this time of year a reason to give your home a fresh fun festive look by changing out small accessories for a big “face lift!”

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